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United States

Laser Beam Welding

A concentrated beam that can make wonders


Laser has been used for excellent joinery since age old days. With the adaption of beam welding, it has been even more convenient to weld any kind of similar or dissimilar materials. Whether you are looking to weld your jewelry, metals, alloys, plastics, glass or any other material, you will certainly need Laser for welding.

Laser beam welding is a technique where a concentrated Laser beam is focussed on the subject area for joining two materials. This techniques offers narrow, deep welds at a very economical rate. OR Laser uses this process for high volume applications like the automotive business and industries.

OR Laser’s Beam welding

  • non contact process
  • excellent joinery of small components and thin metals
  • very economical process
  • high production rate
  • requires low heat
  • easily control weld penetration
  • offers high feed rates
  • does not require vacuum

OR Laser offers a wide range of beam Laser welding machines with a variety of beam and control configurations. This allows you to handle wide range of applications in a computer controlled environment.

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