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Laser Cladding Equipment

Laser Cladding Equipment is a Cost-effective Solution For Repairs


Replacement of worn down equipment can be devastating for up and coming businesses as well as for established ones. When possible, consumers look to repair products rather than replace them. Laser cladding equipment helps make this possible.

Industrial production benefits from laser cladding. Whether you are looking to modify or repair existing equipment, the right equipment for the job is necessary.

With laser cladding equipment from OR Laser you can enjoy

  • A cost-effective way to upgrade surfaces or repair components
  • Customized services to meet your needs
  • Relatively distortion-free surfaces and coatings
  • The ability to continue operations at a normal pace

Look to OR Laser for quality laser cladding equipment or for service centers qualified to do the repairs for you.

Contact our helpful customer service staff to learn more.