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United States

Laser Cladding Services

Offering Laser Cladding Services Worldwide

Hybrid Manufacturing

At OR Laser, we know that the job can't stop just because of a broken component. We also know that oftentimes replacing that component is too costly and time consuming. Fortunately, with service centers in four different countries, and with more than 30 partners around the world, OR LASER is your 'go to' for laser cladding services.

OR LASER helps with industrial projects so that operating on schedule becomes a reality. The high quality of the customization not only helps get you back to work, but also helps you stay at work longer. And the distortion-free manner in which heat sensitive surfaces and coatings are treated helps:

  • Eliminate the typical discoloration of polished surfaces
  • Leave adjacent grains unchanged
  • Reduce post-processing

Whatever your repair need, the customized process offered by OR LASER means you'll get just what you want. Learn more about the laser cladding services offered by OR LASER by

contacting our helpful staff today.