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Laser CNC

Experience Ease With Laser CNC


Creating high-quality and uniform prototypes has just gotten easier with laser CNC. The computerized numerical control afforded by lasers at OR Laser increase speed and efficiency, while reducing human error. This ultimately drives down cost.

Whether you are looking at laser cutters, welders, engravers, markers or laser additive manufacturing units, OR Laser has a laser CNC unit to meet your individual or manufacturing needs. Our vast selection of units are ideal for making prototypes and creating customized items.

Key benefits of a laser with CNC capabilities are

  • Increased speed and accuracy
  • Reduction in human error
  • Greater precision
  • More branding opportunities
  • Manufacture prototypes
  • Perform series production

Experience the difference a unit equipped with computerized numerical control provides.

Contact the staff at OR Laser for details on a laser CNC unit to meet all of your engraving, marking, and cutting needs.