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United States

Laser Cut Machines

High Quality Laser Cut Machines


Extending the use of cutting machines to benefit multiple industries and sectors is not only an attractive prospect, but now a reality. Doing so with high quality and easily configurable laser cut machines is what OR Laser is all about.

Utilizing focused heat ensures the materials being worked with are minimally effected, meaning you can count on clean and highly accurate cuts every time.

In addition, the laser cutting machines from OR Laser meet the highest optical requirements and process standards are are suitable for use on

  • Metal
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Glass

OR Laser has secured a spot at the forefront of laser technology with a dedication to designing and manufacturing the highest quality units on the market. From laser cut machines, to laser welders, to laser engravers, OR Laser is the "go to" in the marketplace.

Learn more about what our offerings by contacting our friendly staff today.