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Laser Cutting Systems

The next generation cutting equipment


Laser cutting machines are transforming the way industries are handling cutting of various types of materials. Considering the power and efficiency of Laser technology, there is no other solution which could beat this.

Laser cutting systems vary based on the power and work size apart from the technical considerations. At OR Laser, you can avail the benefit of custom built Laser cutting systems that are configured just for your business needs.

Here is why you should select OR Laser cutting machines over others:

  • Is a non-contact process that doesn’t need blade/tool replacement or reconfiguration
  • Literally cut any type of material - wood, plastic, metal, alloys, glass, ceramics or organic materials
  • Subjected material is minimally affected
  • Offer customized solutions for small and large scale industries
  • Limited local heat input to the subject material to prevent damage
  • Ensures professional touch to every project
  • Meet process standards
  • Suffice highest optical requirements

For the best and most efficient Laser cutting solutions you can rely on OR Laser machines as they are not only cost effective and reliable, but also have very minimal material distortion as compared to the conventional cutting techniques.

We have a wide variety of Laser cutting machines listed on our website. Make sure to check them out.

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