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Laser Engraving Equipment

The engraving tool with high precision


Laser engraving technology has come a long way, and thanks to the latest innovations it has now become very easy to engrave tough metals using computerized engraving laser equipment. Whether you own a laser engraving industry or just looking for enhancing your established business, OR Laser can help you with the right service you need.

Why should you select OR Laser equipment?

OR Laser engraving equipment can offer various advantages over other competitive tools in the market.

Below are the features worth considering:

  • High precision marking on various materials including wood, plastic, metals, foil, organic materials, etc.
  • Easily engrave uneven surfaces
  • Flexible and customized features
  • Meet industry expectations
  • Computer aided controls
  • Cost effective engraving solutions
  • Power software drive

Our Laser equipment come in a variety of sizes and models. We design custom suit based on our client requirements. Workload, team size, cost to the company, efficiency and performance are some of the factors considered before we recommend the right customized Laser equipment to you.

We understand that spending on Laser engraving equipment is a wise investment and we can help you with it. If you value flexibility and efficiency in engraving techniques, then make sure you consider OR Laser engraving equipment for your business.

Whether you are looking for sample engraving, consulting or just information, contact us now !