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United States

Laser Engraving Machine

R&D, a Key to a Quality Laser Engraving Machine


Consumers looking for a cutting-edge laser engraving machines know that research and development are key to production. 

OR LASER's history of R&D, coupled with a knowledgeable and friendly customer service make it the obvious choice for all of your laser engraving machine needs.

We have dedicated ourself since 1997 to offer customer-specific laser applications in the field of marking and engraving, and our service and support staff are well versed in the technological aspects of our laser engraving machines.

We pride ourselves on offering

  • Extensive testing and impressive results in a short time
  • A costumized solution to all your laser engraving needs

Look to a company at the forefront of laser technology for all of your laser engraving machine needs.

Contact our helpful staff to see how they can help you to find the right machine for your laser application.