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Laser Engraving Machine For Metal

Eliminate Human Error With a Laser Engraving Machine For Metal


Metal is a costly surface to engrave. The slightest mistake can be expensive and time consuming. For this reason, finding the right laser engraving machine for metal is extremely important.

OR Laser has spent an extensive amount of time researching and developing cutting-edge laser equipment for all sectors of manufacturing and industry. Our innovative and versatile engraving machines are suitable for use on metal in addition to plastic, composites, and organic materials.

The computer-aided control allows for

  • Marking of different material types
  • High automation and speed
  • Contact-free processing
  • Sharp results of high quality
  • High design flexibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Marking on the Fly
  • Highly precise marking with constant quality
  • Permanent, wear-, heat- and acid-resistant

Eliminate human error with a laser engraving machine for metal from OR Laser. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is ready to help you find the machine best suited to your needs.

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