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Laser Engraving Machine Prices

Laser Engraving Machine Prices - A Complex Question


What factors need to be considered when comparing laser engraving machine prices? Is the unit backed by years of research and development? Are you buying one that has just the specifications you are looking for? Fortunately, OR Laser is able to answer those questions - and many more.

Since the founding of OR Laser in 1997, the focus of the company has been to establish new applications for laser technology. We pride ourselves on expanding the availability of laser engravers, cutters, and welders to all sectors, from small businesses to industries.

Other key pricing factors to consider include

  • Minimal repairs - laser engravers don't come into contact with the workpiece, reducing wear and tear
  • Multiple units - allow for selection based on your specific needs
  • Suitable for use on multiple materials - metal, ceramics, organic materials

Value is determined by more than a dollar amount. Be sure that you know just what you're getting when you compare laser engraving machine prices.

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