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Laser Engraving Metal

Laser Engraving Metal With a High-quality Laser System


Utilizing a laser for engraving metal is a highly specialized procedure and requires an efficient and precise machine to achieve high-quality results. Computer controlled units that provide the correct frequency necessary to displace and evaporate the metal help prevent human error.

The laser engraving of metal is simplified with the selection of systems from OR Laser. Since 1997 OR Laser has been at the forefront of laser technology. Our cost-effective engraving units make it possible to complete large metal engraving orders with increased accuracy and speed.

Benefits engraving metal with a laser include

  • Equipment is spared due to lack of contact between tool and work surface
  • Computerized system is perfect for custom engraving
  • Versatile units can be used on almost any material

Don't settle for an inferior product. Explore your laser engraving metal options with OR Laser's innovative systems.

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