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Laser Engraving Systems

Automation and Laser Engraving Systems


Automation is paramount in a search for effective and efficient laser engraving systems. The computer-aided controls of laser engravers from OR Laser provide the desired automation needed to reduce errors and increase speed.

OR Laser's years of research have yielded laser engraving systems for individuals and industries alike. These highly automated machines allow the user to enjoy the benefits of customizing products while reducing costly mistakes attributable to human error. The computer also allows for uniformity and easily enables branding of products.

Other benefits of a partnership with OR Laser include

  • Commitment to research and development
  • Support and service staff
  • Cost-effective units
  • Engraving of different material types
  • High automation and speed
  • Force-free and contact-free processing
  • Sharp images of high quality
  • High design flexibility

Ease your workload and increase your customer base with the laser engraving systems from OR Laser. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you in determining the unit the best suits your needs.

Contact us today to get started.