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Laser Engraving Tests

Rigorous Laser Engraving Tests Yield Quality Units


When shopping around for a laser engraver it is important to know that it has been subject to laser engraving tests to ensure quality. However, testing isn't all that makes a quality laser engraver, as OR Laser knows.

The rigorous testing that goes into the engraving machines at OR Laser is what makes them highly sought after. But it doesn't start there. OR Laser's intensive manufacturing and production process goes as follows:

  1. The idea - from long-winded musings to sudden inspirations
  2. Construction and design - innovative ideas are digitally constructed and the best solutions are implemented
  3. Component development - prototype need emerges
  4. Prototype development - device is built and the building process is logged for improvements
  5. Extensive testing phase - subject to in-depth analysis until it conforms to quality guidelines
  6. Serial production - production begins after the unit is completely tested and optimized

OR Laser has the utmost respect for laser engraving tests. In fact, we pride ourselves on tweaking the design of our units until they adhere to quality standards that are second to none.

Learn more about our process and the units we offer by contacting our knowledgeable staff today.