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Laser Etching Metal

The etching technique that makes your metals unique


Business owners are striving hard every day to bring a uniqueness in their metal products in order to improve their marketing strategy. With the advent of Laser technology, this has been easier and more frequently followed process for any type of metal etching in order to achieve better results.

Laser etching of metals has brought a great deal of advantage to the metal industry. With the selling of machinery parts, the industry owners have found an easy technique of etching the parts with a unique tag to identify their business’s brand. With the right Laser etching machines offered by OR Laser, you can achieve this kind of high quality etching on your machinery parts.

Why you should choose OR Laser systems for your etching processes

  • Economical process
  • Reliable and high speed technique
  • Follows industry standards
  • Can be customized for any type of metals
  • All settings are computer configured
  • Relatively error free and flawless

Partner with OR Laser now to figure out how best you can achieve metal etching to improve your business.

Get in Contact with us and learn more about our metal etching techniques and services. Browse through our website to understand what we do and request for a demo or a sample to get a better feel of our services.