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Laser Fume Extractor

Laser Fume Extractors Prevent Health Problems


It is important to remember when using your OR Laser cutter, welder, or marking machine that gas and particulates could be emanating from the work piece. For this reason we highly recommend that you utilize a laser fume extractor.

At OR Laser we wish only the best for our clientele. For this reason, we spend years researching and developing our highly specialized equipment. Take the appropriate precautions when using that equipment.

Why you would benefit from the use of a laser fume extractor

  • Improve workplace environment
  • Protect your workers health
  • Protect equipment and processes
  • Reduce production disturbances and improve profit

Don't let gas and particulates compromise your health. Enjoy the benefits of partnering with OR Laser for welding, cutting, and marking without the hazardous side effects. Invest in a laser fume extractor today.

Our friendly customer service staff can answer questions for you. Contact us for details.