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United States

Laser Industrial

High Quality Laser For Industrial Application


Laser industrial use is growing by leaps and bounds. Manufacturing sectors utilize laser etchers, markers, cutters, welders and additive manufacturing units in all areas of production. Finding a manufacturer of these units to support large scale production is of high priority.

OR Laser's wealth of state of the art products are designed to meet the needs of all size tasks in the manufacturing industry. We are continually developing our product line, marrying innovative ideas to our already impressive line.

Partnering with OR Laser for your laser industrial needs benefits you with

  • Highly supportive service and consulting
  • Precise, efficient, and impressive results
  • Computer-aided controls for versatility

With innovative laser applications, OR Laser is at the forefront of the laser industry. If you are updating your existing equipment or expanding your laser industrial selection, OR Laser is here to help you locate exceptional lasers specific to your requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our selection.