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United States

Laser Jewelry Repair

A new revolution jewelry repair technique


Are you looking for Laser machines which can repair or make your own custom jewelry? Partner with OR Laser and explore the huge list of options you can avail.

Jewelry business owners are now shifting their paradigm from the traditional way of repairing broken or damaged jewelry with most modern techniques like Laser. The main reason behind this is Laser can repair even an antique piece without damaging its surface. Hence, you can most likely see them in jewelry restoration work.

With OR Laser machines:

  • Repair jewelry made of any type of metals
  • Damageless and smooth repair
  • Follows industry standard
  • Cost effective
  • Durable repairs
  • Fine finishes
  • Quick and efficient

OR Laser machines can be easily customized to suit your jewelry repair needs. Our machines can easily fix costume jewelry which was irreparable few years ago. All repairs are done by geometrically focussing the high speed and powerful laser beams onto the target area of the jewel that needs repair.

For more information on our products, make sure you visit our website or request for a demo and our technicians would be glad to help you immediately.

Contact us now to know more about our wide range of products that can help in Laser jewelry repair and help your business grow!