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Laser Machine Price

Laser Machine Price Dependent on a Variety of Factors


Are you concerned about a laser machine price? A number of factors go into determining the price of a laser machine. Will it be used for welding, cutting, cladding, or engraving? Is this for personal or industrial use? And on what scale?

The friendly staff at OR Laser can help you narrow down the machine you are looking for. Our wide array of laser machines, for a multitude of jobs provides the selection you are looking for at a variety of price points.

Laser units from OR Laser are used for

  • Seam, spot, and direct welding
  • Cladding with wire or powder
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Annealing, foaming, engraving and marking
  • Drilling
  • Cutting

The laser machine price depends on a variety of factors.

Let us help you locate the right solution for your needs. Contact our knowledgeable staff today.