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United States

Laser Machines

Wide Array of Laser Machines Provided By OR Laser


The possibilities with laser machines are endless. Exploring those possibilities has been the primary goal of OR Laser since our inception in 1997.

At OR laser we pride ourselves on establishing new applications for laser machines and continually updating existing applications. Our drive to meet the needs of our customers has propelled us to offer high quality laser cutters, welders, markers, engravers and additive manufacturing units for all segments of the manufacturing industry as well as for the individual.

Partnering with OR Laser for your laser machine needs benefits you with

  • Technology support and service
  • A broad selection of units designed to meet your individual needs
  • A worldwide network for sales and service
  • Cost-effectiveness

See what you can achieve with laser machines from OR Laser. The precision and effectiveness of our units yield high quality results and the increased speed achieved helps contribute to your cost savings.

For greater details about the laser machines offered by OR Laser, contact our customer service staff today.