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Laser Machining Process

Laser Machining Process More Cost-effective Than Traditional Machining


Traditional metal machining is expensive due to short tool life and the slow rate at which material is removed. The laser machining process is much more efficient, as well as cost effective.

OR Laser offers several laser units to aid in all areas of the laser machining process. Our serial production of these units combined with the contact-free processing of the laser help to reduce cost when compared to traditional machining processes. The highly efficient laser units offered by OR Laser increase speed and accuracy, saving even more money.

Partnering with OR Laser is also beneficial due to

  • A reputation for intensive research and development
  • A highly supportive service and consulting team
  • Innovative technology implementation
  • Individual solutions for your production processes

The laser machining process is elevated even further with highly specialized laser units from OR Laser. Take advantage of our commitment to excellence. Explore your laser machining options at OR Laser.

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