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United States

Laser Marking Aluminum

The universal technique for various marking applications


Laser marking is used in a wide range of applications - from complex medical and industrial products to decorative and promotional items. High speed Laser beam is focussed on the object and marked with the help of computer controlled techniques.

Personalized marking and marking for unique identification of objects is the need of the hour and the trend is shifting towards Laser marking of aluminum objects. High speed Laser beams are focussed on the aluminum metal surface for marking and all this is controlled by a powerful software that comes with handy instructions and customized settings.

Partner with OR Laser to explore what we have in store and how we can make your business grow.

OR Laser aluminum marking tools offer

  • Precise marking
  • Job flexibility
  • Does not sacrifice integrity of aluminum metal
  • Produce durable marks
  • High contrast images
  • Low cost solutions
  • Customized for your business

All our customers can avail free consultation with our Laser marking customer service professionals. We analyze your requirements, propose solutions and alternatives and ensure that our customers get what they need to be done for their business.

We encourage you to contact us now for more details on aluminum Laser marking solutions and services.