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Laser Marking Equipment

Precise and Powerful Marking Tool


Are you looking for a high precision, laser marking equipment? A powerful and permanent marking solution is what every manufacturing unit looks for.

OR Laser offers the most unique laser marking solutions through their powerful and efficient equipments you can ever find in the Laser market.

Because of its applicability in multiple areas, laser marking technique is growing popular in the current market conditions. As opposed to conventional marking solutions, laser is more adaptable to be used on a variety of materials and surfaces.

OR Laser handles marking tasks for any industry part very efficiently. We assure high efficiency, reliability and accurate marking solutions. Our broad range of marking equipments are available as stand-alone machines or can be easily integrated with other laser equipments. OR Laser equipments are well known to provide reliable solutions at high throughput speeds.

Our marking equipment offers the optimal solution for:

  • Brand protection
  • High precision laser marking solutions
  • Permanent marking
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Product traceability by engraving permanent and unique marking
  • Machine readable marks
  • Improved quality standards
  • Reducing downtime
  • Lower long term expenses

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