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Laser Marking Metal

The one stop marking solution for your business


Are you looking for Laser marking machines or services for metals? Partner with OR Laser now to learn more about our services and offerings.

Personalization and maintaining uniqueness of metal item is what every business owner needs for better business success. While there are various techniques for marking, Laser marking has proven to be the most convenient and efficient among all. With OR Laser marking tools you can mark any type of metals easily and accurately.

Laser marking is one of the proven techniques for a wide range of metals, compositions and surfaces. Our computerized Laser marking techniques offer depth control and delicate marking matching your business needs. Regardless of the regularity of surfaces, you can easily mark any type of services with OR Laser tools.

Choose OR Laser marking tools for metals

  • Contactless marking
  • Superior quality marking without damaging the surface
  • Follow industry standards
  • Cost effective
  • Produce sharp images
  • Quickly customized through computer software
  • Long lasting marking

Our 24x7 customer service can offer you help to make informed decision when you are opting for a marking service or buying Laser marking machines for your business.

Contact us now to find out more about our metal marking solutions and services.