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United States

Laser Marking Service

The most durable marking that you would want to have


Are you looking for personalizing your items? With the trend moving to provide more personal touch to the items, Laser marking services from OR Laser offer excellent options and covers various materials such as metals, plastic wood, glass, organic materials such as leather and much more.

OR Laser marking technique maintains the surface integrity and prevents any damage to the surface. A beam of high speed light is focussed on the markable object. As the light is focused in a particular geometry, there is little or no probability of deteriorating the surface to be marked. However, every material is different and hence the techniques need to be customized.

Why should you use OR Laser marking service?

  • Environment friendly
  • Permanent marking
  • Cost effective
  • Superior quality marking
  • Accurate marking
  • No surface damage

Our non-contact marking process offers excellent design flexibility with high speed and accuracy. With the computerized design system we can easily customize the marking settings and configurations based on individual needs. Check out our wide range of products here!

Do not hesitate to contact us and our technical team would be happy to assist you.