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Laser Marking System

Laser Marking System


Laser offers more subtle and permanent marking as compared to conventional lettering methods. Laser marking process involves the laser beam modifying the surface of a material without impacting its integrity. With the increase in demand for more precise and accurate marking, laser marking system has been a growing business.

OR-Laser marking system offers superior quality and precise marking capabilities that are easily adaptable by industries of any size. Our laser marking systems are applicable in markings related to bar codes, date codes, logos, serial numbers, alphanumerics, and much more.

Here’s why you should choose OR-Laser marking system:

  • Accurate area and spot welding in deci-millimeters
  • High quality, precise marking without incurring any damages to the target surface
  • Leaves little or no thermal strain on sensitive parts
  • Very economical process
  • Deliver optimal results
  • Requires no consumables and relatively maintenance free

Our marking system accessories can easily adapt to the environment where it is placed. OR-Laser’s custom marking solutions are compliant to Class I, Class IV and OEM standard configurations. All our laser marking solutions come with warranty.

Customer support is our top priority and we offer expedited service and maintenance turnaround throughout the year.