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Laser Marking Technologies

The next generation solution for all engraving needs


Are you looking for superior quality laser marking machines? Partner with OR Laser now, to experience a new revolution in the marking technology in a very cost-effective manner.

Laser technology (mobile and automated) is gaining its momentum in the 21st century because of its esthetic appeal and capability to improve the performance of the products. These computer based techniques are highly efficient and can be quickly implemented with just a one shot of high speed laser beams focussing on the target object.

Choose OR Laser marking machines for:

  • Improving your product branding
  • Permanent Laser marking
  • Reducing costs
  • Efficient and high performing
  • Meeting design and quality control standards
  • High precision marking techniques
  • Computer based, error-free marking
  • Marking almost any type of material - plastic, glass, fiber, metals, etc.

OR Laser is the leader in Laser marking services and Laser machines. Our innovative Laser marking technique produce unmatched quality and superior results. Laser technology that we use exceed industrial standards. We mainly offer All in One OEM for various uses such as marking, engraving or cutting.

Looking for sample marking, consulting or buying our products? Make sure to visit our products page or schedule a demo with us. Our 24x7 customer service professionals are ever ready to take in any of your requests and process them immediately!

Check out our website for more details. Contact us now for any product details and demo!