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Laser Metal Engraver

Laser Metal Engraver Reduces Wear


Traditional engraving machines saw extreme wear and tear from engraving metal. With a laser metal engraver that wear has been substantially reduced due to the lack of direct contact with the item being engraved. Instead, the engraving is produced from melt displacement and evaporation.

OR Laser provides a wide array of lasers for engraving metal, as well as a number of other surfaces. With a laser metal engraver from OR Laser you can choose the desired depth for engraving and set the computer program for your desired path. This strongly reduces human error and increases the speed of engraving.

Some examples of customers who use laser engravers include

  • Global Players with need to individualize components by marking
  • Those looking to comply with government and industry regulations
  • Small businesses who wish to customize individual pieces

Enjoy the experience of using the latest, most innovative laser metal engravers on the market while saving time and money due to expensive repairs.

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