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Laser Metal Engraving

Upgrade to Laser Metal Engraving


Have you wondered about the difference between traditional metal engraving and laser metal engraving? Do you own a traditional metal engraver and are considering upgrading to a laser? See how the benefits of laser metal engraving far outweigh the initial cost of a unit.

Utilizing innovative laser machines to engrave your metal surface save time and money by reducing both mistakes and machine wear. A pre-programmed path is set on the computer, practically eliminating human error. In addition, the laser engraver never contacts the surface of the item being engraved. This saves money due to wear and tear.

OR Laser offers the following metal engravers for every size project

  • MAG PRO - with variable usage
  • MAG BOX - intended for small workpieces
  • MAG BIG BOX - for use in engraving heavy workpieces
  • ORLAS PORTAL - with linear propulsion for five axes
  • MAG COMPACT - the all-in-one engraving system

Stop questioning yourself about upgrading to laser metal engraving and start reaping the benefits.

For more information, contact our friendly customer service staff.