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United States

Laser Metal Engraving Machine

The challenge of engraving uniqueness


Are you looking for tools for personalizing metals and support your business? Every business can be successful only if they are unique from their competitors. OR Laser now brings you highly innovative, competitive and cost effective Laser engraving machines for any type of metals.

Engraving is a unique technique where high speed Laser beam is focused on literally any type of metal objects to enforce uniqueness and embed identification to the item. We offer high-end and innovative solutions to all our customers who crave for metal engraving.

To explore more, partner with OR Laser and find the most reliable solution to all your engraving needs.

Choose OR Laser Laser metal engraving machines

  • Reliable and durable
  • Customized settings for individual business
  • Follow industry standards
  • High precision and accurate engraving
  • Damageless engraving techniques
  • Fully computerized with high performing software

We have installed thousands of Laser machines with our main focus on metal engraving. All our machines are ideal for easy integration with other features such as welding, marking, or cutting services. Check out our sample markings and explore a wide range of products we offer our customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and our customer service professionals will be assisting your right away!