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Laser Metal Marking

Increase Branding Opportunities with Laser Metal Marking Machines


Personalizing metals is an ideal way to increase branding of products. But how do you achieve the detailed work you're looking for without compromising efficiency? Luckily, laser metal marking machines from OR Laser offer the speed and automation you require and the precision you need.

Nearly two decades of intense research and development has yielded high quality laser marking machines that are ideal for use on metals, plastics or ceramics. And the marking is guaranteed, even under the effect of oils, emulsions, and vapor.

Extensive software packages equipped with graphics-based user interfaces make it possible to

  • Create texts
  • Fill objects
  • Insert pictures
  • Create serial numbers
  • Create 3D markings

See how you can elevate your business with the highly automated laser metal marking machines from OR Laser.

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