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Laser Micro Welding

Laser Micro Welding for Delicate Work Pieces


The delicate welding required in industries like jewelry design and the medical and dental fields call for precision techniques that are not present in traditional welding. Micro laser welding addresses the issue of the seamless joinery required for such intricate pieces.

For those industries looking for speedy and efficient joinery of intricate work pieces, OR Laser provides the right tools for the job. Extensive research has yielded a set of laser welders with a wide array of uses.

Some benefits of laser welding include

  • Small weld width
  • Seamless joinery
  • Low thermal stress
  • Concentrated heat control

If you're looking for a welder to perform the detailed work necessary to create jewelry or manufacture small items, look no further. Laser micro welding with OR Laser is the answer to your search.

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