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United States

Laser Seam Welding

The most commonly used joinery technique


Are you looking for seam welding your items? Laser is a great source of energy for efficient and most accurate joineries. With Laser Seam welding, you can achieve joining multiple pieces of materials together very effectively. Partner with OR Laser now and explore the possibilities of long lasting relationship for all your Laser seam welding needs.

Whether you need welding for jewelry, plastic, metals, fibers, glass or alloys, Laser Seam welding is a great technique that can support this task very quickly and most efficiently.

Select OR Laser seam welding

  • Low cost and efficient
  • High accuracy
  • Reliable and durable welding
  • Low residue
  • Damageless welding
  • Visually appealing welding technique
  • Reduced thermal load

Partner with OR Laser for any of your seamless welding needs as we are experts in this field since several years. Our customized Laser solutions can offer you great deals whether you need for small or large business.

Contact us now to learn more about OR Laser’s seam welding techniques, tools and machines. Our customer service is available 24x7 at your service and can offer you free consultation, demo or a sample.