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United States

Laser Sintering

Additive Manufacturing with Laser Sintering 


The excellent surface finish of sintered components is sought after in the manufacturing world. This is because a reduction of run-in time with components means fewer repairs down the line. For this reason, industries around the world are looking to OR LASER.

At OR LASER, we've strived to provide the most innovative laser technology for nearly decades. Our array of machines are used in all areas of manufacturing, including to repair parts and apply protective coatings to components. For laser sintering of metal powders, OR Laser has four distinct units, which are:

  • EVO Mobile - a mobile and compact laser welding system for big and small workpieces
  • ROBOLASER - four applications in one robot - welding, cladding, cutting, hardening
  • LASERCAB - the class 1 laser for use in highly frequented environments
  • LRS EVO - automated laser technology for small to medium sized workpieces

Learn more about the high quality laser units at OR LASER — and see how laser sintering is made easy. 

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