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Laser Soldering Jewelry Repair

Precise Jewelry Repair with Laser Soldering


Traditional methods of repairing jewelry lacked the precision and efficiency such small pieces required. In addition, jewelry is often sensitive to heat, which is not conducive to conventional soldering. However, with the innovative laser soldering jewelry repair technology afforded by a unit from OR Laser all of these problems are addressed.

The versatility of laser welding is limitless and provides enormous advantages to such areas as jewelry repair. The precision of the laser makes working with heat, sensitive jewels and elements or complex geometries easy, eliminating the need for time-consuming preparations or post-processing.

In addition, laser soldering for jewelry repair means

  • Lack of discoloration due to the narrowness of the laser beam
  • Single alloy creations
  • Exact control necessary for intricate work

Start enjoying the many benefits of a laser unit from OR Laser for your laser soldering jewelry repair needs.

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