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Laser Spot Welding Machine

Choose the right machine for spot welding


Are you looking for a right choice of spot welding machine for your business or industry? Contact with OR Laser to find more options to enhance your welding business with the best spot welding machines in the industry.

Whether you need to weld similar or dissimilar materials, or if you are looking for welding various types of materials, then choosing the right spot welding machines can be of great help for a welding business. OR Laser’s machines are designed to focus on the high speed beam of Laser rays at a geometric angle focussing on the subject area. For excellent joineries choose OR Laser welding machines.

Choose the Laser spot welding machine from OR Laser

  • Follow industry standards
  • Excellent blending of dissimilar materials
  • High speed delivery
  • Efficient and reliable joinery
  • Cost effective technique
  • Doesn’t damage the surface
  • Meets industry standards
  • Customized solutions for each business

Reach out for us now for more facts on our products and services. You can easily reach our customer service team to request for a sample or demo. Feel free to browse through various range of products available with OR Laser and if you need something other than this, we are always listening to our customer requests.