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Laser Systems

Large Selection of Laser Systems Offered By OR Laser


Laser systems are becoming more accessible in today's marketplace. Driven by the need to provide the most up-to-date equipment, manufacturers continue to expand their laser offerings. For nearly two decades OR Laser has maintained a spot at the forefront of the laser industry.

OR Laser's innovative and research-centric approach to the manufacturing of laser systems has generated high quality laser welders, cutters, markers, engravers and additive manufacturing units. Our commitment to providing exemplary service continues to serve our clientele well.

Additionally, laser systems from OR Laser offer

  • Computer-aided controls
  • Optional accessories
  • Intuitive design

If you're exploring laser systems for your business or personal use, check out the vast array of lasers offered by OR Laser. Our mobile and stationary units, equipped with a variety of features, give you the freedom to choose a unit specific to your needs.

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff for an in depth assessment of your needs.