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Laser Weld

Welding No Longer Just for Metals with Laser Welders


Welding has long been a useful tool for joining metals. However, joining other materials was not possible, much to the dismay of industries worldwide. Fortunately, achieving a quality laser weld of glass, and plastic is now possible with the laser welding machines from OR Laser.

Intensive research and development have produced several laser welding units suitable for individuals, to small businesses, to large industries. Spot, seam, and direct welding are all achieved with the computer-aided controls afforded to the laser welders at OR Laser.

And consumers around the globe are touting the benefits of laser welding, which include

  • Concentrated heat control
  • High-strength joints
  • Small weld width
  • Low thermal stress

End your search for a quality laser weld with the industry leader in laser technology.

Contact our staff at OR Laser to learn more about the wide array of laser welders available.