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United States

Laser Welder Jewelry

Welding machine for all your jewelry welding needs


If you are looking for welding machines for your jewelry business for repair or newly making, you would definitely need a high performing Laser welder. OR Laser caters to all your jewelry welding needs with a very minimal investment. Check out more about us on our website.

With the increasing need for the jewelry welding needs, OR Laser can offer machines that offer a great deal of precision and accuracy when it comes to welding your jewerly. Because of the number of advantages Laser has to offer, this can be easily applied to the jewelry industry.

Select the OR Laser Welder

  • For a cost effective way of welding
  • Easily customizable machines
  • Damageless welding technique
  • Exceed industry standards
  • Seamless welding method
  • Reliable process
  • High performance

OR Laser can benefit your business with its high precision, and accurate welding machines that can weld your jewelry items. Our industry solutions are highly efficient and strictly follows standards.

Make sure to call us now to know more about the list of products we offer. You can also browse our website for a large number of options that can suit your business.