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Laser Welders

Precise and Accurate Laser Welders


Precision is key to the joining of a variety of materials. Laser welders can offer the pinpoint accuracy necessary to achieve a strong seam that is also attractive. OR Laser has a variety of lasers designed to meet your needs.

The computer-aided control afforded to laser welders helps to eliminate human error and extends their uses dramatically. With precise energy input, laser welders can be used to join a variety of material types and thicknesses.

Some key advantages of laser welders from OR Laser include

  • Welding of different material types and thicknesses
  • Pinpoint-accuracy, precise energy input
  • Contact-free, force-free processing
  • Minimal thermal effect on materials
  • Welding of complex weld geometries
  • Shorter time required for rework
  • High automation and welding speed
  • Flexibility due to modular design of the installation
  • Quality control and documentation of the process data

Start experiencing the high quality work laser welders from OR Laser afford. Allow our experienced and friendly customer service staff to guide you in finding the appropriate unit for your needs.

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