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Laser Welding Aluminum

Get Your Aluminum welding done efficiently with Laser Machines


With more and more need for welding metals like aluminum, Laser industry is gaining its popularity day by day. Laser Welding has wide variety of applications in various industries. Partner with OR Laser to find your unique solution for welding aluminum items efficiently.

OR Laser welders offer precise and expert Laser welding services for a variety of industries including critical applications like medical and dental tools made of aluminum or steel. Thin alloy can be fused to broken aluminum objects that have a gap in between.

Why should you go for Laser welding of aluminum items?

  • Full control over spot welding
  • Efficiently fix broken parts of any thickness
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable and durable solution
  • Follow industry standards
  • Damageless joinery
  • Join dissimilar objects very efficiently

Use OR Laser for fabricating your aluminum items and avail the advantage of having customized solutions for all your welding needs.

All our solutions are customizable since our software is designed to adapt to a variety of needs and applications. Our welding machines can be easily configured to suit your business requirements and we will work with you to set you up and running.

Visit our website to check out a wide range of products and services that we offer. Schedule a demo or request for a sample through our customer service now!

Contact us now to get a better understanding of OR Laser solutions for welding metals like aluminum.