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United States

Laser Welding Applications

A path to excellent joinery


Laser welding can be most efficiently used for fine joineries of almost any type of materials including metals, plastics, glass, fibers, wood or alloys. High speed Laser beam penetrates the objects and joins them with perfect finishing. If you are looking for such high quality, precise and cost effective Laser welding for your business, then partner with OR Laser and we can take it from there.You can not only benefit from the top notch technology and techniques we use for welding, but also avail quality maintenance free service.

Laser welding has wider range of applications. Whether you are looking for welding services for your small business or large industries, OR Laser has it all. A high speed Laser beam controlled by our efficient software ORLAS SUITE is focussed on the subject to be welded. We also support customized welding and welding of dissimilar materials.

Choose OR Laser because they offer

  • Reliable and high quality service
  • Most efficient joineries
  • Damageless job completion
  • Easily customizable
  • High precision and accuracy

Browse through our wide range of machines and services and select the right one suitable for your business. If you have trouble deciding which one to buy, trust our customer service professionals and we will guide you till you find the right match.

Contact us now to know more about OR Laser welding services.