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United States

Laser Welding Jewelry Repair

Amplify your jewelry repair with high quality Laser


When you need jewelry repair, there can be nothing better alternative than using Laser technology. Partner with OR Laser to figure out the best possible solution, products and services that your business may need.

When you need to weld metals in order to repair jewelry or simply join two similar or dissimilar metals, using spot or seamless Laser welding can be of great advantage. This traditional way of soldering using a torch may not seem like a great deal, but it surely offers you a localized repair by focusing high intensity heat over the repair area. As there is no soldering involved, the repairs are more robust and long lasting. Hence majority of the customers prefer custom jewelry repairs and maintenance through this technique.

Choose OR Laser because

  • Effortless jewelry repair
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Low cost and very effective
  • Follows industry standards
  • Better performing compared to other techniques
  • Risk free repair technique
  • High throughput

Make sure to contact us immediately for any of your jewelry repair needs. Our team can assist you by offering a wide range of products and services. You can browse through our website for more information.