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United States

Laser Welding Machine 

The one stop solution for precision engineering


Due to its efficiency and versatile application, laser welding is used in a vast number of applications including cutting, scribing, drilling, serializing and sealing.

These days laser welding is used as an alternative to standard processes such as RF induction, submerged arc, high-frequency resistance, electronic and ultrasonic beam.

OR Laser welding machines offer:

  • Highly economical welding process
  • The most efficient and high-quality joinery
  • Nearly flawless joining of construction parts including metals and plastic components
  • Customized welding suited for any industry or manufacturing task
  • 10 distinct laser welding systems to match specific industries
  • Welding in narrow corners
  • Delivery of optimal results without discoloring, spot or bead formation
  • Fiber optic-delivery through flexible beam manipulation

You can rely on OR Laser welding machines for achieving optimal quality joinery. All our products from the catalog offer a wide range of generic and specific functions. Our machines can help large-scale industries by providing precise and efficient welding causing no distortion or shrinking of the material. Companies of all sizes can find the most suitable laser welding system which is suitable for their needs. Besides this, our machines rule out pre-heating as laser heat is applied at the target point.

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