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United States

Laser Welding Process

An authentic fabrication technique for joining materials


At OR Laser we follow the industry standard Laser welding process. Our laser welding technique is one of the best joining techniques compared to our competitors and support industries including (but not limited to) medical, plastic, sensor, manufacturing, automotive, etc.

The Laser welding process is categorized into either heat conduction welding or deep welding depending upon the Laser intensity needed for welding. When you need surface welding, we recommend heat conduction technique where Laser beam melts and joins the surface. However, high depth welding may be chosen when different material layers need to be chosen and deeper surfaces need to be joined.

Advantages of OR Laser welding process:

  • Is highly efficient and helps achieve high welding speeds
  • The heat affected zone is very small
  • Has minimal deformation
  • Offers alternative strategies for welding
  • Applies to multiple facets of manufacturing industries
  • Very economical and suitable for industries ranging from small scale to big enterprises

OR Laser technology and process can help create customized welding applicable for various industries. With our superior welding process as opposed to the conventional methodologies, OR Laser equipment and processes are becoming popular offerings and increasing our sales.

To know more about our laser welding processes, send us a quick note or give us a call to get the right information delivered to you!