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Laser Welding Services

Weld the gap between your business and customers


Laser welding is the most popular, efficient and economical process of welding metals, plastic, glass, fiber, wood and many other alloys. Welding not only needs strong joints, but also faultless finishing.

Are you looking for a precise, high quality, yet cost effective Laser welding services for your business? You are at the right place! Benefit from the top notch Laser welding products and services offered by OR Laser.

OR Laser uses high speed Laser beam through a narrow weld geometrical aperture so that the Laser beam is focussed only on a specific spot. This gives more precise results without damaging the surface of the object. Since every material is unique, you may need to customize the welding. OR Laser offers customized settings for any kind of Laser welding services.

Choose OR Laser welding services as they offer:

  • High speed results
  • Cost effective
  • Environment friendly
  • No damage to the surface
  • High accuracy and performance
  • Superior quality and very efficient
  • Suited for most simple to heavy duty work
  • Accurate area and spot welding

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