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United States

Laser Welding System

A technique that every welding industry can adapt


Laser welding is the most economical process for any kind of business. This inexpensive welding solution rises demand for welding individual parts and the ideas are derived from our customer’s needs and demands. You can use Laser to join almost any type of material including, but not limited to glass, fiber, metals, plastics, etc. The main gist lies in having strong and resistant joints that are almost faultless.

If you are a startup or a small business unit, OR Laser’s Laser welding systems can be handy due to a wide range of advantages it offers. OR Laser offers techniques for sufficient user comfort when it comes to welding.

OR Laser’s Laser welding system offers

  • Manual Laser welding for small business and startups
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • Easily customized for your business needs
  • Follow industry standards
  • Compact and mobile welding system
  • Reliable and durable welding

Laser machines from OR Laser are very comfortable and ergonomically designed. This makes it much easier to hold the assemblies during welding.

For most efficient and high precision welding services and systems, contact us now.