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United States

Laser Welding Systems

A systemized Laser welding approach


Looking for the best welding systems in the market that can support your business and industries? Laser technology offers a versatile solution to welding needs in a very affordable price range.

OR Laser offers intelligent solution systems for 3D welding applications. These welding techniques cover a wide range of modern systems and techniques, ergonomically organized, joystick controlled, computerized and high precision systems. When you need perfection, there’s only one name - “OR-Laser”!

We address almost any kind of welding regardless of the job size and complexity. Our welding systems are easily integrated with various other features such as cutting, engraving and marking.

Select OR Laser welding systems

  • Safe welding of any type of materials
  • Well programmed fast beam Laser system
  • Suitable for spot, seam welding and cutting and drilling
  • Industry standard welding
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient and durable welding

Contact us now to learn more about our Laser welding systems available at OR Laser. Our website offers informative material. Talk to our customer service professionals if you are not able to find something you need and is not available on our website. We are happy to show you a demo and provide a free sample of our services and/or jobs.