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Laser Welding Titanium

The most challenging part of welding


Are you looking for Laser welding machines for joining titanium and other metals? Partner with OR Laser to find your exciting options.

The trend is shifting from traditional welding techniques to Laser welding as it offers more precise, low heat input, automated joinery. A great advantage of this type of Laser welding for titanium is that it does not use any filler metals. The weld joints are melted and fused at the joining points instead.

OR Laser welding for titanium

  • Uses efficient welding process
  • Generates high throughput and quick results
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Damageless welding
  • Comes with customizable configurations
  • Offer high precision and accurate results
  • Follow industry standards

Inexpensive Laser welding solutions is what everyone is looking for when it comes to welding metals like titanium. OR Laser can offer the most economical and the most suitable machine for all your needs.

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