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Laser Welding Training

The next generation need for fine joinery


With the increasing need for Laser technology in welding, industries are inclining more to get the latest Laser welding machines for their business. Hence, more and more employees need to be appropriately trained on how to use these high end machines more efficiently. Partner with OR Laser to get the most cost-effective welding training for all your staff.

All our training and workshops are designed centering our customers. Experienced specialists at OR Laser can not only train you about the theoretical techniques, but also share some real examples and demo you on the welding job. As a novice user, you can even request for hands on job to learn more about our tools, software and techniques.

OR Laser training

  • Lets you learn Laser welding techniques on the job
  • Encourages trainees can share their ideas
  • Mini projects to help you learn better
  • Enables comprehensive training before you decide to buy our tools
  • Profit your business

We can clearly show you how your business can impact from our welding techniques and training.

For more information on our workshops and training, please contact our customer service division and block your calendar to gain the most wanted knowledge for your business.

Contact us now for a demo, consultation or training on Laser welding techniques and machine usage.