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Marking Laser

Marking Lasers for the Masses


A high quality marking laser is necessary for detailed and efficient marking of a variety of materials. Finding a manufacturer and distributor that meets the needs of the consumer in this field is not only daunting, but exhausting. Fortunately, there is OR Laser.

Practically two decades of dedicated research and development have yielded the most innovative and highest quality marking lasers on the market. Whether you are looking to put your "stamp" on plastic, wood, metal, or ceramics, OR Laser has the right unit for you.

And our units aren't just suitable for bar codes, but can also be used for marking of

  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Alphanumeric characters
  • 3D engraving

See how the impressive and innovative marking laser units from OR Laser can propel your business to new heights.

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